Company Overview
We are manufacturing professionals with experience setting up specific manufacturing capabilities to support our customer’s business. Our main areas of concentration are in assembly, test, machining & fabrication and material/inventory management. Red Wolf’s greatest asset is it’s reputation for quality, delivery and competitive costs, but equally important is maintaining an ease of doing business and developing a partnership with our customers.

As an ISO9001:2008 certified contract manufacturer providing manufacturing and technical capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to help those customers with supplier diversity initiatives.

Ultimately, we look for customers and opportunities that need and utilize our experience and capabilities with a focus on long term relationships.

How We Operate

The reason we are easy to do business with is found in Red Wolf’s roots and foundation. The founders started with a strategic plan based on investments in technology and people. The ultimate goal was to create an environment that is enjoyable to work in, fosters behavior to support the founding principles, and provides the right tools to deliver world-class services to our customers.

Those founding principles are:

Hire Smart

  • Red Wolf’s team at all levels are experienced professionals in their field

Build Infrastructure

  • Red Wolf established an ISO9001 quality system from the beginning and other key business policies and procedures

Leverage Technology

  • Red Wolf’s first investment was in a fully functional ERP system

Learn Constantly

Build Relationships

Don’t Compromise Our Principles

Company Summary
Broadwind Industrial Solutions
Number of Employees
(919) 777-2907
1824 Boone Trail Road
Sanford, NC